Residential Renovations!

Your home


residentialA home renovation can be a stressful event and sometimes even daunting task for the first timer. Allow the staff at Celio Group Inc. to guide you through your project with expertise and quality workmanship. Let us handle the stress and give you the opportunity to enjoy the final product as we transform your current space to the room of your dreams.

Are you ready to renovate? Everyone has an idea of what is involved when renovating a space but are you prepared for the emotional journey you are about to embark on? Larger renovations tend to increase these feelings which will only bring on undue stress. Let Celio Group Inc. help alleviate these feelings as our team of experts complete your renovation.

The list of trades people and the order they are required is a scheduling task in itself. Click here to see some of the trades that may be a part of your renovation.

Many times we are asked by potential clients whether or not they can manage their own project.
Consider the following:


  1. Do I have a deadline to complete this renovation?

  2. Do I need to be at work or do I have previous obligations that will prevent me from being on site during my renovation?

  3. Do I have a concern about who will be responsible for what portion of my renovation?

If you answered YES to even just one of the above questions, consider hiring a General Contractor to give you the best bet at a successful renovation.