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helpWe know you have many questions. Here is a list of FAQs regarding renovation projects.



What does a timeline look like?

The timeline is calculated on a per project basis as many factors need to be considered. As an example a 5'x9' bathroom renvation would take approximately 3 weeks based on:

  1. permits if you have picked out your finishing items
  2. start available scheduled start dates
  3. hourswork hours permitted
  4. you if you stay in the house during the renovation
  5. deliverymaterial delivery / delay
  6. cleanupcleanup

What are phases of planning?

startPhases of planning is a list of deliverables according to a timeline and is the pecking order of the project to be completed. There are different timelines with every phase of production.


Does Celio Group Inc. have references?

permitsYes we have references. Please check the references page for a quick list or contact us for more.


Does Celio Group Inc. do finishing services?

permitsYes, finishing is only one part of what we do and we do it. We handle complete projects (large and small scale) start to finish, from planning to post construction and everything inbetween. We carry subtrades for all aspects of work and can even procure a trades person to replace your windows, doors, furnace, roof, landscape etc.


Who Supervises the site?

permitsyouEvery site has a site supervisor who will field your questions and concerns.


Does Celio Group Inc. give documentation?

permitsWe give you the paper work from estimation to timeline to phase planning for your references and to avoid any surprises.