The Journey!

The Journey Starts Here


We all go through several stages as we decide upon our renovation. The full circle applies to all of us with any large renovation. As we have noticed on many occations, you can expect the following stages (to varying degrees) during your renovation.



excitementExcitement usually comes with deciding to renovate. You pick a room or space that needs the renovation and begin to look through magazines and pictures of similar spaces and can’t wait to see what your home will look like when it is completed.




Once you know which room is going to be renovated, you have to begin to plan the renovation which may include setting a budget, gathering your ideas, creating a layout or plans, permits, deciding what finishes to pick out, choosing a General Contractor, reviewing estimates and deciding who would be the right person for the job. There are many items that need to be taken care of before any demolition or construction takes place. Sometimes this is the longest part of the renovation and where many people either change their minds about renovating or make a hasty decision they tend to regret later.



Stage 3: FEAR / PANIC

panicOnce the job starts, and the trades are in place, your home can be in disarray. You might not be able to use the kitchen area or the bathroom you normally used everyday. Exposed walls, plumbing and electrical can begin to bring on feelings of discomfort. You begin to question if you should have started the renovation and what did you get yourself into.



unrestAs the project progresses, you begin to feel anxious and start to question if the project will ever finish. You need to continue to work with your contractor and deal with any of the problems that may creep up, especially in older homes. This is the important part of the construction. You want to ensure that everything behind the walls are just right as you do not want to expose them again. This is the time that feels like is taking forever to complete and many sleepless nights are envisioned. You need to have patience and allow your contractor to help you visualize what will soon be reality.



reliefAs the drywall begins to go up and some of the finishing items start to get installed, you tend to feel relieved and a sense of satisfaction is starting to take over. Now your room is beginning to look like it was meant to be. Soon you will be able to use your new space. Some finishes tend to take a bit longer to complete due to complexity of the assembly or the meticulous installation times.




Now that the renovation is complete, you begin to feel that initial excitement and joy that you first felt when you decided to start the renovation. You start to use your newly renovated room and wonder how you ever managed to do things before.